Can't Seem to Hold on To Money or A Man?


 My name is Sarah Johnson, & I'm a top Money & Love Coach for the Alpha Woman who's driven in life, but can't seem to hold on to money or a man.

  • Are you tired of making financial decisions in a way that's not useful or reflective of what you truly desire?
  • Do you ALWAYS see the "potential" in a man but refuse to see him for who he really is?
  • Are you ready to flip the switch on your poverty mindset and FINALLY have the money to shop, travel, and enjoy life to the fullest?
  • Is it time for you to set boundaries, and start putting yourself FIRST?
  • If you're ready to bring your IT factor to life, MAKE MORE MONEY and have your way with men, I'm the coach for you!


I'm sure you're feeling frustrated, and stuck in a never ending cycle of men. You're anxious at the thought of having to spend the rest of your life broke and alone. You're lacking confidence in your past choice of men and money decisions.

I've had the aching feeling in the pit of your stomach when he doesn't call back, and the same achy feeling when you're just barely paying your monthly bills.

I know what it feels like to give him the very best parts of you. To show up in all your hot, sexy, fabulous glory only to be rejected, or worse, used. I was the girl who looked like she "had it all together", but underneath the surface there was a sh*tstorm of low self esteem, unworthiness and a trail of unpaid bills.

Everything that happens to you is a reflection of what you believe about yourself. We cannot outperform our level of self-esteem. We cannot draw to ourselves more than we think we are worth.



  • Learn the Truth about money, and never have money worries again!
  • Be empowered to fully celebrate your uniqueness to let your IT factor shine!
  • Learn when it's ok to be a B.I.T.C.H. unapologetically
  • Uncover the truth about how much power you REALLY have when it comes to attracting and marrying a man worthy of you.
  • Stop pushing men away, and learn to receive the love & abundance you deserve!
  •  Flip the switch on your poverty mindset and start living the life of your dreams!

You're tired of getting the same question every year at the family reunion: When you are you getting married? All your friends are "settling down", making babies, traveling, and you're stuck. You haven't had a decent date since Season 2 of Scandal, and even though everybody always tells your how fabulous you are, you can't seem to keep a man. (Or even get one for that matter). You've taken just about every piece of dating advice that you can think of, and if one more person tells you: "Stop looking, he'll find you" you' On top of that, your money is a little funny, but it's such a taboo subject, nobody wants to talk about it. You're starting to get better with your money, and you want to get control of your finances, but you want it sooner than later, and need help NOW!

Listen, Steve Harvey may have told you WHAT a man does when he's ready for a serious commitment, but I'll show you HOW to get him to commit to YOU!  And, I've got the drop on money in a way you've never heard it before. For way too long, our perspective of money has been a limited one. But the Truth (with a Capital T) about money is that scarcity only exists in your mind, and you were created to a live sexy, juicy, vivacious life! There are Universal Laws of abundance & wealth, and the Claim Your Crown experience breaks them down in a simple, yet EFFECTIVE way.

What My Clients Say:

Sarah is an amazing coach! When I first started on this journey I wanted Sarah to fix my money issues. (I needed more!!).  I couldn’t figure out why I never had any money.  Sarah immediately broke my feelings about money down. I never knew that holding on to hurt and unforgiveness could be the reason why my life wasn’t as abundant as I knew it should be.  Her methods of daily meditation, affirmation and visualization continue to help keep my vibration high and my thoughts about myself have increased exponentially.  Her Claim Your Crown program not only transformed my thinking, and income level but, it also transformed the thoughts I have towards myself.  I am looking forward to so many amazing things and I speak from a grateful heart for Sarah’s coaching tools and experience.

Eternally grateful,

T. Jones


  • Law of Attraction- Why it hasn't been working for you, and how to utilize it in every part of your life, Meditation & Visualization techniques, along with Energy Healing techniques to keep your vibration high!
  • Self-Worth & Self-Celebration-Learn to TRULY love yourself, (even your dark side) and use that value to make more money & attract QUALITY men.
  • Mindset-Discover how to harness the power of your thoughts, and the spoken & written word to create exactly what you want in life (and more!)
  • Feminine Energy vs Masculine Energy- The characteristics of each energy, and how & when to switch between the two to have your way with the world!
  • Becoming a magnet for men-How to flirt and attract quality men using your natural femininity to have the loving, sexy relationship you've always dreamed of.
  • How to effectively communicate your needs to the man in your life so that he feels respected, and you feel treasured.
  • Becoming a magnet for money-Uncovering your money story, changing your thoughts and feelings toward money to permanently open your flow of abundance!!


Investment: $1000


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